Halos Displays Produce Results In-Store

Halos POP Retail Displays

New point-of-sale materials have coincided with a noticeable boost in Halos sales, which are up more than 10% through the first six weeks of the season.

Halos also saw their biggest Thanksgiving ever, with sales up 15% from last year.

The Grove of Goodness point-of-sale collection includes tractor and tree displays, and more than 12,000 units are in stores currently.

“We believe it has been a key driver to our fastest start ever,” said Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing for Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co., which markets the branded clementines.

Wonderful has already shipped more point-of-sale units than it did all last season.

Almost 60% of mandarin consumers buy on impulse, according to Wonderful, and so far the displays appear to……

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