Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Floor Display

Beauty and the Beast Magical Floor Display

Walmart and Disney recently partnered up to deliver an in-store performance for the latest installment of Beauty And The Beast. Having grossed over $1 billion worldwide, and over $500 million domestically in less than 3 months, Disney’s newest Beauty and the Beast is based on their 1991 animated musical which is the story of a monstrous-looking prince (Dan Stevens) imprisoned in the form of a beast, who can be freed only by true love, and Belle (Emma Watson), the only human girl to visit the prince’s castle since it was enchanted.


Beauty and the Beast Magical Floor Display

Disney brought the magic and aura of Beauty And The Beast to retail for their special Blu-ray release. The commanding, two-sided floor display provides a stunning visual experience because of its sheer size and attention to detail with the graphic work. Check out how the main characters silhouettes appear in the window on the reverse side…..clever!



Beauty and the Beast Movie Standee

Disney Frozen End Cap Display

Disney Frozen Move Floor Display


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