Spring 2016 Marketing In The Allergy Category – Part 2

Allegra Sliding End Cap Trays

Allegra Slides Into Allergy Season

Sporting traditional brand colors and an updated graphic look for 2016, Allegra launched these gravity fed end cap trays that featured a sliding graphic panel. The sliding panel gave the retailer the option to merchandise on 30″ or 36″ shelves.


Allegra Gravity Fed End Cap

Allegra Allergy End Cap Display

Allegra Gravity Fed Floor Stand



Walgreens Bonus Floor Allergy Display

Shoppers Find Allergy Relief And Bonus Points

Walgreens partnered up with Chattem Inc. with this three-sided floor display that merchandised Allegra and Nasacort. Shoppers were able to collect 7000 bonus points with a spend of $25 or more.


Allegra Full End Cap Display

Allegra Have It All Floor Stand

Allegra Only Allergy Half Pallet Display



Nasacort Side Kick Display

Nasacort Sprays Up The Category

Nasacort rolled out this curvy side kick for CVS stores. The display featured their 60 and 120 spray variants. A dimensional spray bottle lug on and select spot varnishes gave the unit some pop in-store.


Nasacort Stops More Tower Display

Allegra And Nasacort Turn Over A New Leaf

Nasacort Stops More Angled Tray Floor Display



Flonase Side Kick Display

Flonase Side Kicks Up Presence at CVS

GlaxoSmithKline is hitting the allergy category hard this season with several different displays. This side kick featured their base SKU and represented the brand well with a clean, clinical display.


Flonase Three Sided Floor Display

Flonase Feature End Cap Trays

Flonase Side Kick Display



Claritin Save Now End Cap

Claritin End Cap Display Offers Savings

Claritin launched this end cap display to promote their everyday allergy SKU and two children’s variants. Simple graphics and brand assets are utilized consistently with other marketing collateral. A nice feature with this unit are the two color-coded circles that help define the available savings.


Claritin Allergy Products Pallet Display

Claritin Children’s Great Value Half Pallet Display

Claritin 2 Sided Allergy Relief Display