Savor Expands Retailer Support With New Retro Signage

Savor Retro Signage

With the popularity of herbs and vegetables projected to continue again in 2019, and Spring just eight short weeks away, it’s time for retailers to think about how to attract even more customers to the edibles section of their stores. Knowing this, Savor has further expanded its set of retailer support tools to match itsedibles and fragrants offerings.

Motivated by the retro-styles so prevalent in today’s world of fashion, music, and even attitudes, Savor has developed a series of tin-style point-of-purchase signs with an urban aesthetic. With lines that are light on promotion and heavy on inspiration (“Grow what you eat. Eat what you grow.” and “It doesn’t get any more local than your backyard.”), Savor’s retro-merchandisers also carry…….

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