New Customer-Friendly Powered Vending System

FFR Merchandising Powered Vending System

Protect high-loss product while maintaining easy customer access with the new Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System from FFR Merchandising.

The patent-pending powered dispensing system allows shopper self-selection while eliminating shelf sweeps, protecting high-theft products, specifically men’s replacement razor blades.  Intuitive and easy to shop, the system works like a familiar vending machine—customers press a button and the selected product is dispensed.

To avoid sweeps, a dispensing time delay controls the time between dispenses, while the lock-down feature stops dispensing and sounds an alert when more than the allowable limit of button depressions occur in the pre-programmed time period. Lights flash between dispenses and a verbal prompt is given to inform shoppers when the unit is locked down.

LED lighting and skylight hood options illuminate packaging, while self-facing pushers keep product faced and organized. The stackable design, with a common dispensing tray, maximizes vertical pack-out.  An integrated Product Overstock/Return Tray located at the top of the unit allows store personnel to secure overstock items and customers to return unwanted items.

Contact FFR Merchandising for style and size details, as well as custom system configurations.