HobNob Gets Wicked This Halloween

HobNob Wicked Red Wine Display

Already dressed for the occasion with sugar skull label, HobNob has released its delicious seasonal blend just in time for Halloween. Devilishly good, Wicked Red is a fruity blend of Grenache, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy Shiraz and delicate Pinot Noir.

This is the fifth straight year HobNob has created a special limited-edition blend, which they are promoting in scary fashion at-retail. We found the brand at a local supermarket using this display-in-a-display to scare up sales in the wine section.


HobNob Wicked Red Wine Display


Let’s have a look – The product merchandiser inside the coffin is a simple, cut case-style display with really nice graphics. Surrounding the internal display, a very large and impressive coffin keeps the contents secret until revealed upon closer inspection. Brand assets and Halloween colors add lots of visual appeal to both units.

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