Halitron, Inc. Acquires CinchSigns


Halitron, Inc., an equity holding company implementing a roll-up of sales, marketing, and manufacturing businesses, today is excited to announce the acquisition of CinchSigns, a leading direct marketing brand, from Plastic Retail Displays, LLC.

CinchSigns is a brand that primarily sells point of purchase (POP) supplies like retail price cards, labels, banners, tags, and sign holders that help promote a marketing message through small-to-mid size retailers throughout the US. The brand’s target customer base includes furniture stores, mattress stores, flooring, appliance, gas stations, automobile dealerships, and variety stores. In an asset acquisition, Halitron acquired a customer list totaling over 150,018 customers, the www.cinchsigns.com website, and digital artwork files utilized for print and email blast campaigns.

Eliazar Valdez Rosales, General Manager of Plastic Retail Displays, LLC, commented, “The CinchSigns brand is a niche brand in a very large multi-billion-dollar print industry. To date, we have a very small print offering at the factory, PRD Holdings Inc., in Mexico. This acquisition will allow us to expand our manufacturing services into the print industry and we will begin to introduce this manufacturing skillset into the business model.”

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