Graphic Systems Allows Brands to Go Big

Onset X1 and X2 Flat Bed Printer

The Inca Onset X1 and X2 allow quicker turns and increased revenue for sustained growth at Minneapolis-based Graphic Systems.

For over 50 years, Graphic Systems has been satisfying customers with its visionary spin on the retail landscape in marketing, point-of-purchase (POP) build-outs and graphics.

“We made our decision to purchase two Onset printers because of the quality,” said Herm Kauls, chairman, Graphic Systems. “The capabilities they each have are really second to none. We are acquiring additional business because of the output quality.”

The Onset X1, producing 4,304 sq. ft./hr. (80 beds/hr.) features eight active channels, with four channels printing CMYK, and the remaining channels configured as needed using a combination of Light magenta, Light cyan, White, and Orange (Lm, Lc, W, O).

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