Creating Disruptive POP

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POP Disruption

As high school graduation approaches, seniors across America turn their focus from academics and college admissions to coming up with a memorable senior prank that will create an enduring legacy for their class. Led by the class’s most creative mischief makers, the goal of these senior pranks is to create as much chaos as possible without jeopardizing graduation rights. One example of a successful senior prank was cooked up by a few enterprising seniors who let 3 pigs loose in their high school. They labeled the pigs 1, 2, and 4. It was a clever way to create a full day of disruption.

As with any good senior prank, an effective retail POP display generates sales by creating some level of disruption that gets the attention of shoppers or creates an opportunity for shopper engagement. In today’s post, we’ll discuss 5 ways to be…….

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