Celtec Selected For Ease Of Use And Durability


Amish craftsman Emery E. Weaver of Weaver Wagons in Mount Eaton, Ohio, has selected Vycom’s Celtec® Expanded PVC for trim and accent pieces on their high-end, horse-drawn wagons. Sold for use in tourism hubs like New York City’s famed Central Park and downtown Las Vegas, the wagons come in a variety of sizes and painted finishes and can sell for as much as $25,000. Weaver chose Celtec because it is easier to work with than materials he had used previously and more readily accepts a smooth, lasting finish.

Celtec is designed for use in a large range of projects, including point of purchase displays, signage, art, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering and display boards. The lightweight material is easy to fabricate, paint and laminate. The smaller cell structure of Celtec® Expanded PVC provides optimal density for improved edge finishing and superior screw and staple retention, making it easy to work with.

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