LENOX MetalMax

LENOX MetalMax Demo Display

North Carolina Based McIntyre Manufacturing Group and LENOX recently launched a display to highlight the LENOX METALMAX cut-off wheels. According to LENOX’s website, the METALMAX delivers 1,000 or more cuts with no need for wheel […]


Outriders VIP Kit Wins An Award

Bay Cities, North America’s most innovative packaging and design company, announces being awarded first and second place at the AICC 2021 Box Manufacturing Olympics Competition in Orlando, Florida. Bay Cities entries competed in various categories […]

Coyote Concepts

Cube Cooler Concept

CUBE COOLER CONCEPT FOR INFINITELY FLEXIBLE MERCHANDISING Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one cooler that could expand or contract to suit small or large store environments? What if it could be daisy-chained […]