Vinrella Display Bottles Up Umbrellas

Vinrella Floor Display

Finally, An Umbrella You Can Store Wet

How many times have you come in from a heavy downpour and had no place to dry off your umbrella? Answer – take that soggy umbrella and bottle it up!

Vinrella, creators of functional and fashionable rain accessories, developed a collapsible umbrella that plugs into a plastic wine bottle which contains the wetness and keeps your other belongings dry. The hard carrying case is available in a wide variety of fun motifs, painted to look like real wine bottles.

Recently, the brand was spotted in a specialty retailer promoting their unique rain product on this spinner display. The two-sided, wood merchandiser cleverly displayed the bottles in a horizontal fashion, giving maximum visibility to all of the cool patterns available. A simple riser depicted an umbrella with the company name reversed out in white type. Would be neat to see the riser as a larger die cut umbrella, maybe with some visuals that showed how the product works.



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