OSI Creative Initiative Brings Single Moms to Workforce

OSI Mothers And Jobs

OSI Creative has chosen Memphis to pioneer its Mothers and Jobs initiative, a program designed to provide employment for local single mothers.

The Irvine, Calif.-based company is a provider of global supply chain managed solutions for point of purchase displays, and like its other facilities, the Memphis plant depends on staffing agencies to fill its fluctuating needs. OSI’s leaders saw an opportunity to provide jobs to single mothers, who often need work flexibility to deal with their children’s constantly changing schedules.

“The whole goal with offering a program to single mothers is for those who are looking to re-entry to the workforce or to maintain an active role in the workforce,” said Sean Mullally, plant manager for OSI Creative’s Memphis facility. “We’re providing a clean and safe environment for them to work in. Because of our current labor requirements, we can work with them with flexibility to take time off to go to doctor’s appointments or their children’s school – whatever the case may be to take care of families – without being penalized because of having an excessive amount of absenteeism.”

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