Video Wall

Giant 52 foot Video Wall

PPDS(opens in new tab) has teamed up with Sweden’s largest supermarket chain, Maxi ICA, to bring a highly engaging and more inspired shopping experience to customers in its flagship store, with the installation of 27 […]

artificial intelligence

15 Ways Retailers Leverage AI

If you’ve ever researched a topic online only to be presented with an ad for a related product seconds later, you’ve experienced the power of artificial intelligence in the retail industry. Most consumers know AI […]

Sunglass Display

Creating the Right Sunglass Display

Like many product categories, the sunglass market is both highly competitive, highly fragmented, and highly diverse. Most companies compete by carving out a niche and focusing their resources on building a brand identity within that […]


How CVS is Driving Innovation

CVS is redefining health care in North America. Once known as the neighborhood pharmacy, CVS has grown to become one of the leading health solutions companies in the United States and is uniquely positioned to […]