Kryptonics Skateboards

Kryptonics Skateboards Roll Into Dicks Sporting Goods

Founded more than 50 years ago, Kryptonics changed the skateboarding scene when they were the first to introduce polyurethane wheels in the mid-1970’s. That line of wheels, known as Kryptonics Star Trac, drastically changed the functionality of […]

Pick Pack And Snack Floor Display

Walmart Lets Shoppers Pick Pack And Snack

Pick Your Faves > Pack A Bag > Snack Away On a recent trip to Walmart, we spotted this awesome four-sided snack merchandiser in action alley. Built for convenience, each side of the display was […]

Mountain Dew Lemon Lime Floor Display

Mountain Dew Makes A Splash With New Flavor

This past January 15, Mountain Dew launched a new lemon-lime soda called Mountain Dew Ice. The soda will become a permanent addition to their product line which already includes regular Mountain Dew and energy drink […]

Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor

Schick Launches New Razor That Shaves In Both Directions

Simplify The Way You Shave……Forever Schick is shaking up the women’s skin care category with their recently launched intuition f.a.b. bi-directional razor……f.a.b. stands for forward and backward. What’s fab about f.a.b.? The bi-directional cartridge allows […]

Coca-Cola Aisle Display
End Cap

Coca-Cola Display Dispenses Tickets In-Store

After making the commitment to invest $1 billion dollars back in 2016, Coca-Cola is making good on its vision to expand their footprint in Argentina. In addition to using these funds to develop Coke’s Operation […]

Kinder Joy Crazy Friends Island Display

Kinder Joy Crazy Friends Island Display

Encapa and Ferrero Kinder Joy recently joined forces to create a destination display that merged the brands fun toy treats with their online games. According to the brand’s website, Magic Kinder gives families the opportunity to […]