Southern Imperial And FFR Merchandising Join Forces

Southern Imperial And FFR Merchandising Join Forces

We are pleased to announce the joining of two leading retail merchandising companies, Southern Imperial and FFR Merchandising, under the siffron™ brand. The siffron brand reflects the unparalleled strength of the combined businesses who, together, possess the ability to deliver much-improved service levels, broader product selection, and increased manufacturing sourcing options, all resulting in an industry-best value proposition to all of our customers.

“We believe the siffron brand symbolizes the positive and high-energy relationships both companies have with their customers today,” states President and CEO Steven Vandemore. “It not only denotes the stability and growth we have enjoyed as separate businesses throughout our rich histories but more importantly as a combined company, the brand symbolizes the enhanced value we expect to deliver to our customers on a daily basis.”

While our name has changed, it is important to note at this time there is no immediate change in how our customers will transact business with either Southern Imperial or FFR Merchandising. Both companies will continue to promote their respective offerings to customers, and all orders for those items will continue to be placed through the offering company. Over time, however, we expect both companies to integrate seamlessly into one under the siffron brand. Until then, we will update you as developments warrant and as the integration process progresses between the two companies.

About Southern Imperial
Southern Imperial was established in 1956 producing threaded wire products in a 3,000-square-foot factory. Today, Southern Imperial is a global manufacturing and distribution company, servicing both the retail and brand manufacturing trades. Products range from simple, single-piece components to full custom displays with complex combinations of plastic, metal, lighting, composites, and wood.

About FFR Merchandising
Since its founding in 1962, FFR Merchandising has grown to offer 15,000 unique in-stock, custom and made-to-order merchandising products, hundreds of new products annually, more than 100 patents, and custom design solutions to service customers across a wide variety of end markets. Products range from signage, product display, and shelf management solutions to fresh area merchandising and food prep supplies.